Spring cleaning and mental health.

I like spring cleaning.

Not the cleaning part, per se. That part is less than thrilling: the first thing that happens after I win the lottery is the hiring of someone to clean my homes.

Okay, maybe the third thing after vacation and real estate moguldom. But since neither dusting nor vacuuming makes me rapturous, domestic duties will get farmed out right quick.

The organizing bit, however, is my jam. A tidy life is a tidy brain and I love a tidy brain. An uncluttered and chaos-free environment is part of what helps me get there.

So does my yoga practice, but that’s another post.

Stretch both sides.

One doesn’t have to limit spring cleaning to bathroom cupboards, closet corners, or backyard sheds. Computers, tablets, and cell phones need love too. If you’re like me (and I assume in many ways you are because none of us is as unique as we like to suppose), you regularly save pics, memes, and links to the near-infinite digital storage our devices afford us.

And even that gets filled up. Thank God I can buy even nearer-infinite storage from Apple. Still, I like to keep an eye on my digital possessions and periodically cull the heard. It wouldn’t do for the kids to discover all should a piano drop on my head. Holding on to multiple gigs of memes I don’t look at seems excessive and untidy for all that they’re essentially theoretical.

I took a rainy Saturday and sent that which no longer sparks joy to the digital graveyard in the digital sky before backing up my clean and tidy hard drive for posterity or a computer crash. I thought I’d share some of what tickled me once upon a time and still.

Nothing staves off my depression like a chuckle.

And my vortioxetine.

10 thoughts on “Spring cleaning and mental health.

  1. I just quit my Trintellix (which I believe is the same as Vortioxetine) two days ago. I didn’t feel it was doing anything and was possibly making me as jumpy as a cat. 🙀

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  2. The cover made me chuckle. Such an accurate commentary on today’s society.

    I’m with you on no to cleaning but yes to organizing. I like things organized MY way. As I do it, it helps me come up with potentially better methods and I feel that it helps my creativity and gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I remember when I couldn’t find anything after my mom would organize my desk/room. It looked nice but just wasn’t practical.

    That’s for sharing those sayings. Made me smile. I used to save those a couple of computers ago but then realized that I simply never went through them, so what was the point? Over the weekend, I began to sort through my computer. My problem is various documents (Word and pdf) that I just save around and then either never finish the stories or don’t need the pdfs anymore. So, I need to consolidate story ideas and clean things up!

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    1. Improving and perfecting the systems is such a thrill!
      I keep telling myself I’ll stop saving them because I rarely go back either. I’m glad I shared chuckles, though. Good for a Monday 😁

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