The bags under my eyes.

The bags under my eyes officially qualify as suitcases, in case you haven’t had enough overused clichés today. Unfortunately, while trite, the phrase is accurate. The bags are suitcase-y indeed. I suspect it’s because of all the sleep I’m not getting. I’d take the magic pills, but they’re a transitory fix. The problem is pain,…… Continue reading The bags under my eyes.

Fear facts.

What’s up with fear? I get the survival component: we wouldn’t be a successful species if we all wanted to play with gorillas, but does it have to be so persistent during non-dire situations? I don’t like racing hearts and flop sweats. [i] I’m afraid frequently. Partly because I suffer from anxiety and partly because…… Continue reading Fear facts.

What the hell am I doing and why I should do it?

A fantastic essay about the challenging, perpetual battle of misery that is depression (major and persistent). Have you ever woken up, just lying there in bed, wondering to yourself if it’s really worth it going to work. To be woken up unnaturally by whatever …What the hell am I doing and why I should do…… Continue reading What the hell am I doing and why I should do it?

I binged yesterday.

I binged yesterday. Except I didn’t. That is, I binged, but it was a regular binge, not a bulimia binge. The difference is in quality and quantity, both important factors. Quantity especially. When it comes to numbers, a bulimic binge can be a different kind of animal. [i] I remember listening to my friends as…… Continue reading I binged yesterday.