More props for the mundane: we need to stop it with that.

I still get props, and I still don’t like it. I mean, on the one hand, props. On the other hand, props? I think I’m ambivalent because the praise isn’t for world-stopping thighs or brilliant prose. It’s for nothing in particular, in fact, and relates not at all to anything special. That this is not…… Continue reading More props for the mundane: we need to stop it with that.

One must work hard.

Generally speaking, I don’t post only-images on WordPress. That’s more of a Facebook or Instagram kind of thing: I have a marginally different me in those locations. This quote, however, amuses, and so it’s going everywhere. I love an inside joke. Not attributable to Benjamin Franklin. True story.

Muted self-hatred and listening skills.

In “The Chronicles of Riddick,” the titular character is told by the Purifier, as they observe “converts” receiving the Necromonger mark, that the sufferers are learning how one pain can lessens another. I always thought the Purifier was incorrect. New pain doesn’t cure old pain. It does, however, distract, which allows you to shift your…… Continue reading Muted self-hatred and listening skills.