CW: Last week, across the street…

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Last week, I spotted you across the street.You winked at me from above the newspaper.“Nothing,” I barked back when my friends asked at what I kept looking.They could not see you if they tried.Then, I laughed and downed a drink or two.You blend in well. Yesterday, I…

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A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

This has spoilers. I was initially going to put the word “spoiler” in the text when I approached something that would be one, but I quickly realized this would be annoying. Reason four-thousand, two-hundred and ninety-seven why I hate doing reviews. Anyhow, this thing is full of spoilers. If you read it, you’ll know the…… Continue reading A movie review, but only because I’m mad.

Burritos and saunas.

I’m hungry. I tell myself I shouldn’t be hungry, that I haven’t been hungry for lunch in quite some time. I’m hungry despite the argument. I have frozen burritos. They’re a bit of a pain in terms of work. Fruit is easier, but it’s not what I want. Lie. It’s not what I need. I…… Continue reading Burritos and saunas.