Love, belonging, and bathtubs.

I had a few thoughts while lying in the bath. It’s my new smoking: I think of things I might want to write about there. It’s less convenient: the inspiration that occurred while puffing was easy to add to my phone for later fleshing out. I don’t keep my phone next to the tub for…… Continue reading Love, belonging, and bathtubs.

Off the cuff.

Another night of weak sleep. It’s a combination of things: guilt at snapping at my parents, distress over my daughter’s problems, personal grief, pain and misery. On the bright side, my hips are fine. As in, they’re still screwed but no worse than last year. Why then, the pain, the swelling, the vomiting? Referrals are…… Continue reading Off the cuff.

Was gravity the best choice?

I’m not sure about gravity. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie either. The imagery was lovely, but I found the adulation over the top. I found it okay. Gravity does other things besides inspiring movies – I like an atmosphere as much as the next person – but it also causes me grief.…… Continue reading Was gravity the best choice?

It’s about hope.

Flush Pebble Stone and River Background with the word Hope on single rock

I bought a new plant the other day. It’s a replacement for the two kalanchoes that just died. In my defense, I find them hard to keep alive. This time, their pots were too large. I projected: I like space and thought they would too. But Kalanchoes are fans of being constrained.   The new…… Continue reading It’s about hope.