Skinned knees hurt.

I’m no good at skateboarding. It’s not about balance. I do yoga on the semi-regular and can hold a tree with the middlest of them. It’s about impact on cement and being kind of a chicken. I’m also pretty willing to give up. As Homer Simpson says, “if something’s hard to do, it’s not worth…… Continue reading Skinned knees hurt.

Time passes.

This is a rarity: I almost never write directly onto the platform. Doing so precludes the repeated editing and revising I like to undertake before ultimately binning my efforts. I’ve dissolved attempts a plenty this past week, including a whiny, self-indulgent rant about family – been there, done that – and a piece on the…… Continue reading Time passes.

Thumbs down. No more Lysol.

I like the Method brand of spray cleaners. They come in pretty colours and they smell good, especially the grapefruit version. The French Lavender might be a touch strong. They also work, something many product manufacturers don’t seem to worry about. You can even use it on wood, perfect for the lazy cleaner who hates…… Continue reading Thumbs down. No more Lysol.