Not, “the Year of Happiness”: Looking Outward Instead.

The new year is coming. If ever one was welcome, it’s this one. Time then for resolutions. Except, I don’t make them. I prefer to set an annual theme instead. That’s not to say my brain doesn’t nag me about behaviours I need to change. But themes allow me flexibility; the rigidity of lists can…… Continue reading Not, “the Year of Happiness”: Looking Outward Instead.

The thirteen days of pre-publishing.

It’s not as catchy as “The Twelve Days of Christmas” but it does provide a small bit of information. Thirteen connected posts are coming. Old posts I’m revisiting and updating. It’s my psychiatrist’s fault. He suggested I take my top twelve blog posts and turn them into a e-book. It sounded easy when we were…… Continue reading The thirteen days of pre-publishing.

Solo Celebrating.

I’ve killed this piece three times so far. I think the razing of yesterday’s ramblings on guilt was the last big gutting. But really, it was trite. Been there, done that. I wanted to like the paragraphs I wrote on our snow day but I don’t write descriptive dialogue very well: my imagery was stilted…… Continue reading Solo Celebrating.

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