A certain age and chin hair.

I’m a “lady of a certain age”. That’s the term from the historical romances I have an affection for, though in those books, “a certain age” for women is anything over the age of twenty-two. I’m well-past twenty-two and have the eye cream to prove it. And yet, I don’t feel different from when I…… Continue reading A certain age and chin hair.

Alone in the crowd.

I’m rarely lonely when alone. I’m often lonely around other people. It’s the connection. It’s the lack. I feel disconnected from the people around me, even when they’re family and friends. It’s like I’m surrounded by a bubble that prevents me from reaching and being reached. It’s like we function on parallel but different, non-intersecting…… Continue reading Alone in the crowd.

Painting rocks badly.

I’ve been painting rocks. It’s very relaxing. I have the time and I have the river rock. Painted rocks in the garden are very on-trend. You can even buy them on Amazon. No, really. You can buy rocks on Amazon.   I have a good selection of craft supplies to help me in my efforts.…… Continue reading Painting rocks badly.

It’s oh so quiet.

It’s very hot. Not a cloud in the sky, just the sun burning down without mercy. Only the occasional car or lawnmower breaks the summer silence: the kids are hiding out in air-conditioned comfort; it’s too fierce out save for the truly dedicated. The birds are panting in the trees. The world seems suspended and…… Continue reading It’s oh so quiet.