A good mood, a bad autobiography, and a bookcase.

I had a thought but then I lost it. I’d look for it but that would require challenging the inertia depression brings to my reality. Except inertia has been in abeyance for the last few days. I’ve been productive. I’ve been in an oddly good mood. These two things are probably not unconnected. My anxiety’s…… Continue reading A good mood, a bad autobiography, and a bookcase.

Two weeks and counting, and I’m chuffed.

I stopped smoking two weeks ago. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. I didn’t tell anyone for the first week. I didn’t want the pressure of expectations. I didn’t want to try and fail publicly again. Not advertising again seemed prudent. I did some other things differently too. I didn’t make sure to quit…… Continue reading Two weeks and counting, and I’m chuffed.

Suffering is optional.

I’ve been studying religion of late. I’m currently taking a course about Christianity. I remember more than I thought. There’s also much I didn’t know. I just finished day seven: “Death and resurrection, violence, suffering, and justice.”  These topics were not emphasized in Sunday school. There is darkness in the Bible. There’s violence, pain, and…… Continue reading Suffering is optional.

So. Death.

I didn’t think I was still bothered by death. We’re not unacquainted, after all. I thought I had more equanimity about the process. I can talk the talk. We’re dying from the moment we’re born. We’re mortal. The clock starts ticking the moment we first draw breath. None of us knows when our time is…… Continue reading So. Death.