Watching “The Faculty”.

I haven’t been watching “The Faculty” and that’s a bit of a problem. “The Faculty” is a movie from 1998, yet another reworking of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This one takes place in a high school. The adults, as expected, are either oblivious or useless so it’s up to the high-school heroes to…… Continue reading Watching “The Faculty”.

Not about the body.

An eating disorder isn’t really about the body. The problem originates elsewhere. It’s history, nature, both, and neither. It’s what makes treatment challenging. Everyone comes from a different place. There’s no eating disorder penicillin. For me, anxiety is a large piece of the puzzle. The historical happenings are significant but my anxious nature is why…… Continue reading Not about the body.

Conflicted about poisoned trees.

Once upon a time, I took a Women’s Studies course. I took it because it had room and I needed an elective. I wasn’t expecting much but I ended up enjoying myself. I was exposed to new ideas and I learned a new language that allowed me to label ideas I already entertained. The course…… Continue reading Conflicted about poisoned trees.

Not thinking.

If I am when I think, am I not when I don’t? That hasn’t been my experience. When I’m meditating, when I’m not thinking in favour of simply being, that’s when I feel most “me”.     Absenting thoughts in favour of pure existence is my favourite kind of meditation. It’s also the one I struggle…… Continue reading Not thinking.