Priorities (part one).

I’m not a good person when I’m seriously depressed. I’m not good with myself and I’m not good with other people. Perhaps it’s because you can’t give what you don’t have? If you can’t give yourself love, respect, and acceptance; if you can’t give yourself empathy, caring, and understanding, you won’t be giving it to…… Continue reading Priorities (part one).

Avoid excess.

I went camping last weekend. It was lovely. “Lovely” because what’s better than sitting around a campfire with your friends? And when said campfire is perched beside a rushing river that snakes among a forest of eighty-foot-tall evergreens with butterflies fluttering in the nearby grasses and eagles circling overhead? Heaven. Plus, I make a mean…… Continue reading Avoid excess.

I was lucky.

My garage is currently car-free. The space that’s normally available has been co-opted; it’s all a bit of a mess. This is the first time I haven’t been able to park my car under cover since I was twenty-seven. The garages in the homes I grew up in were always used as storage space. Always.…… Continue reading I was lucky.