It’s the quirks that make things interesting.

I like to revisit favourite movie scenes. I’ve seen “Manhattan is flooding” from The Day After Tomorrow so many times I can recite the dialogue verbatim. Seeing Aliens break through the barricades on LV-426 is always a pick me up. I drop in on favoured scenes from books, too. As with movies, there are specific…… Continue reading It’s the quirks that make things interesting.

Half-assed is okay.

I have a few thoughts about managing depression. I have zero credentials save for life experience. My current bout of depression is not my first. I’ve been in the trenches before. My mood is sitting at “I feel like dogshit and kind of wish I was dead but feelings aren’t in my control so let’s…… Continue reading Half-assed is okay.

Breathe deeply. Relax.

My anxiety is high at the moment. I’m a little triggered. I thought I’d write about it. About how anxiety is currently happening in various degrees to most people in the age of COVID. About some simple things you can do to help calm the mind and body. I was thinking about it while sitting…… Continue reading Breathe deeply. Relax.

How’s the stress?

I’m taking an online course on personal growth.  The timing for the coaching sessions is coincidentally excellent. There’s a pandemic and I have time on my hands The first module was about stress. * I tend to think I’m not under much stress. I mean yes, I have personal, behavioural, and mental health issues, I’m…… Continue reading How’s the stress?