But I like my plastic bottles…

I’m sucking a little at this whole “save the planet thing”. It’s not that I’m not on-board team “we’re headed for destruction”. I’m fully willing to believe scientists and my own eyes. Record global temperatures keep happening, month after month, year after year. The needle is creeping upward and this is not a good thing,…… Continue reading But I like my plastic bottles…

Simple truths.

I both like and find frustrating how philosophy boils things down to simple and rather obvious truths. I read the words written by this sage or that one and find myself irritated at not having come to the conclusions on my own. My readings all seem to end with me saying, “of course.” Yet the…… Continue reading Simple truths.

Focus and outlook matter.

Thirty-five views and twenty-six likes. The stats for a recent blog post. Guess which number I’m focusing on?Who are these people who read what I wrote and didn’t like it? Was it the way I strung my words together? Was it the attempts at funny – I worry about those sometimes; dry doesn’t always translate…… Continue reading Focus and outlook matter.

Agelessness – a few random thoughts

I don’t feel young, I know that for sure. I remember what young feels like and this isn’t it. I don’t think I feel old either, although perhaps I do. Perhaps this is what old feels like? Perhaps there is no old. Perhaps there’s just evolution. No graduated stages of mental cognition. No aging over…… Continue reading Agelessness – a few random thoughts