When the meds start to work.

I think the medications are starting to work. After nearly half a year with serious depression and eight weeks at the “things are getting fairly dire” level, my psychiatrist finally upped the dose on one of my meds. It’s now over the recommended limit but that doesn’t particularly worry me. They build a lot of…… Continue reading When the meds start to work.

Serious thoughts about your relationship with yourself.

I don’t spend much time thinking about the quality of the relationship I have with myself. I’m just there. I don’t think I’m uncommon. We’re not taught to spend time on the relationship we have with ourselves, to analyze and improve it. Which is strange when you consider its duration. Too many of us are…… Continue reading Serious thoughts about your relationship with yourself.

Abandoning the music.

The music doesn’t echo from the rafters much anymore. It’s not that I don’t like the quiet. But there used to be a mix. I used to have music as well. Now it’s silent almost all the time. Sometimes, my son will sit at the piano and play one of his pieces. Sometimes, my daughter…… Continue reading Abandoning the music.

Cancer and an eating disorder.

The worst part about the appointment I had with my oncologist, beyond the fact that I have an oncologist which still seems surreal, was not going over the pathology results. Nor was it setting up the schedule for radiation which will run Mondays to Fridays for twenty-six sessions. The worst part was getting weighed. Which…… Continue reading Cancer and an eating disorder.