Call it by its name.

I recently read an article on climate change and the emotional consequences thereof. The coming devastation is making people ill in advance; their fear and worry, their sense of impotence, and their grief is manifesting in a variety of problems including anxiety and depression. For some it is so severe, they develop PTSD. In an…… Continue reading Call it by its name.

When your drug is addiction.

I am an addict. I’m a promiscuous one as well; I don’t have any brand loyalty. Some people don’t believe in an addictive personality. Since I possess one, I tend to disagree. I have spent my life looking for ways to alter my mood, to make me either not-me or absent in my head and…… Continue reading When your drug is addiction.

When you wake up angry.

I find it odd when I wake up with an established mood. Shouldn’t I wake up neutral? Some people wake up moody because they’ve been disturbed by their dreams; they’re sad or upset or angry based on the real but not real nocturnal adventures they’ve been through. I don’t remember my dreams so I expect…… Continue reading When you wake up angry.

Insert appropriate seasonal greeting here.

Glowing lights in the dark.

The tree is up. It has no decorations this year but there’s a two-year-old in the house so the decision to go “only lights” is a logical one. I’m not interested in playing “find the ornament” ever again. The décor is out as well; again, in a limited fashion and placed up high. The presents…… Continue reading Insert appropriate seasonal greeting here.