Consumer capitalism.

I don’t like consumer capitalism. I don’t understand it in great detail, what I do know are these two things: it requires the ceaseless pursuit of more and it doesn’t make people happy. I realized that our consumption-based system was somewhat broken and dysfunctional a while back. I have become concerned with how much value and status we place on stuff. But I didn’t realize until sitting on the porch today that consumer goods themselves are not only ridiculous but structured to be inherently hierarchical. It’s not enough to buy stuff. You always have to be striving for the better, more expensive stuff. It is, after all, how worth is to a great degree is judged...

It’s hard to do slow.

I talk quickly. I trip over my tongue quite regularly to the amusement of my nearest and dearest. I interrupt – I’m working on it. There are so many things to say! I walk quickly. This is unfortunate considering my innate clumsiness. I’m often a mess of bruises. The clumsiness may be a function of my absent-mindedness. My thoughts are often not on what I’m doing. They’re turned inward instead, headed down dark and difficult paths. I think quickly at times and this can have unfortunate consequences. “Quick” in this case is not referring to a processing speed. It’s more of a racing thoughts kind of thing. I’ve found there’s a fine line between quick and driven; too often I’m on the wrong side of it...

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