My mantras for hard days.

Ever have someone ask you about your personal philosophy? Ever get asked about mantras? I do. People seemed to think that because I suffer from mental illness, I must have lots of inspirational soundbites banging about in my brain. Perhaps they think the mentally ill are closer to the divine? Regardless of their expectation, for years I had no philosophy and the only mantras I practiced were various prayers to try and get me through the day without bingeing and purging and without trying to harm myself. They weren’t very effective...

The opposite of anger.

What is the opposite of anger? That question popped into my thoughts as I was walking around a local lake Sunday afternoon. The question came to me on the heels of a sudden onset of rage. Utterly inappropriate to the moment at hand, the over-the-top anger was consuming. I wondered where it came from, why was it happening in that moment?...

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