Sunshine Blogging Award Nomination

The universe gives you what you need, some of the time. I was having a very anxious day yesterday and decided to log onto WordPress to catch up on people’s posts. Waiting for me was a message, and what a lovely one it was.

I would like to thank Jill for the nomination for the Sunshine Blogging Award. It’s such a pleasure, knowing that people read the things I write, and enjoy them, and maybe get something from them. I love the feeling of connection blogging gives me, the feeling that I’m a member of a community.

I only wanted a jacket.

I hate clothing. Unfortunately, I’d also hate full-time nudity. One, I’d get cold, and two, I have serious body-image issues. They came with the eating disorder and I’ve been unable to banish them as yet. But since I hate, wandering around naked or nearly naked is not a behaviour I’m ready to embrace…

Denial has an expiry date

Illustration depicting a sign with a challenge concept.

I suffer from PTSD. I’ve been told this by my psychiatrist and I have no reason to doubt him. I also have grey hair. These two disparate facts are connected only by this; I dislike them both. My dislike, however, doesn’t change what is. Life is unfortunate that way…