the good in disaster films

"i love me a good disaster film. as far as i’m concerned, the greater the level of destruction, the better. i don’t want to see actual carnage. i have no interest in observing piles of mangled and devastated bodies. i’m okay with implication. long shots of waves wiping out whole populations or tornados ripping apart cities are best enjoyed when actual death is glossed over. i like to focus on the spectacle. i can’t enjoy them if i think too closely about what’s happening or see bodies lying around."


move through life slowly and do it with grace, grandma said to me. make your way like you’re walking through water; glide. i have not been brilliantly successful, i must confess, since by nature, or nurture, my movements are haphazard and clumsy, made more so by haste and impulsivity. the racing thoughts and shifting chaos... Continue Reading →

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