late night thoughts

"The weirdest of thoughts show up in my head once I’m tucked in and ostensibly settled for sleep. Something about being prone inspires my brain to head off on weird tangents and analyze odd thoughts and questions. Last night was no exception; i was full of mental meanderings."

stumbling in recovery

"my recovery is not going well today. i’m struggling to hold the line, to hold onto a reality that isn’t the voices pounding inside my head, asking to be let out to play. “play” is a misnomer, because when the mental illnesses come out, it’s no longer playtime. my brain gets busy while my body gets quiet, in an agitated, pacing kind of way. i become exquisitely unproductive."

patience impaired

"i’m not innately patient. i’m not sure whether it’s nature or nurture, but i know my impatience is a problem. i used to think i was good at being patient, meltdowns while driving notwithstanding. it didn’t truly come home to me that i was piss-poor at waiting until my pod-style coffee maker broke. waiting five minutes for the coffee to brew? intolerable. i was raging."