there’s violence in them thar dissociations

TRIGGER WARNING. i was walking back to the car yesterday afternoon, enjoying the warm sunshine when i was grabbed roughly from behind. an arm wrapped around my torso, pinning me, and even as i struggled, a cloth was put over my mouth, quickly rendering me unconscious. i didn’t even have time to cry out before…… Continue reading there’s violence in them thar dissociations

the loneliness of the connected age

the heat has been intense the last few days and as my fans struggle to keep up, i wondered about air conditioners and how they work. turns out, it’s the refrigerants in air conditioners that make them so helpful at reducing the temperature. the liquid refrigerants inside the units absorb the heat from the air.…… Continue reading the loneliness of the connected age

rage in a little tin can

“something happens to me when i drive my car. my efforts at calm and my attempts to act with grace disappear the instant i hit the road. it’s not my fault, of course, it’s the other people i encounter. i’m blameless. i’m just one driver-error away from turning into a raging bitch.”

and i felt good when it was done

“a quote from a geneen roth book popped into my head yesterday. it goes something like this: “i had given my body what it was asking for and it felt good. it thanked me.” the quote is about eating, which for far too many of us is not a simple thing to do.”