reading for the sheer pleasure of it

“i read stephen king’s “the stand” last weekend and it was fantastic. i enjoyed reading it immensely. i’m sure there are critics who disliked the book, and people who won’t hesitate to point out the flaws, and i will admit that at times his level of description is over the top, but at the end of the day the book did what a novel is supposed to do. it entertained me. it pulled me into the story and let me live in a different world for a while.”

when not to make big plans

“i have the ‘flu. okay, it’s not the ‘flu it’s a cold, but it’s a bad one. well, not bad, but i’m definitely miserable. my nose is running like a tap, i have the fuzzy brain that comes from congestion, i’m ache-y and cough-y, and yesterday i’m pretty sure i set a world record for sneezing.”

“i can’t” means something else entirely

““i can’t do it.” how often do people use that phrase? i’ve used it myself frequently. it was my go-to response when i thought about stopping my harmful behaviours. “i can’t do it. i can’t stop. it’s out of my control. i want to but i just can’t”.

“can’t” is an interesting word. often, our use of it isn’t technically accurate.”