rage bingeing

it loses something in the defining. it sanitizes the binge and downplays it; it’s a tidy description for something that is panicked, frantic, violent, destructive, and soul destroying.

my depression is – random thoughts

my depression is singular. it’s hearing only one note. tasting only one flavour. seeing only one colour. it overwhelms everything and turns the experience of life into monochrome rather than a palette of complexities and nuances.

teeth and eating disorders don’t mix

i spent the morning having dental molds of my teeth made, so my dentist could make a model of my mouth and we could start putting together a plan to replace the eight teeth i’ve had to have removed, and crown the ones that they were able to save with root canals. just one of the unintended and expensive side-effects an eating disorder brings to the table.

be a good person

my basic personal philosophy is as follows: try to be a good person. it’s been the same for as long as i can remember. i suspect that i am genetically predisposed to niceness. there are worse qualities to be in possession of.