#recovery and responsibility

i have issues with some of the twelve steps in december of 2014, i entered a recovery facility to deal with my eating disorder and my tendency to abuse benzodiazepines. Ativan, Xanax, Valium – they were my friends. They were an adjunct to my bulimia. They kept my brain quiet and helped keep the dark thoughts away. like an eating disorder though, their rate of … Continue reading #recovery and responsibility

breakfast with #bulimia

when you are trying to recover from an #eatingdisorder, a big part of the challenge is food. how do you food? how do you eat “normally”? advice abounds. eat when you’re hungry. eat what you like. stop when you’ve had enough. eat a vegetarian diet. stick to whole foods. eat clean. it’s all so much noise and it misses an important point. i don’t know … Continue reading breakfast with #bulimia

i’m on a road

i’m on a road that stretches out in front of me and i can’t see what’s at the end. i’ve heard that once i get there, my life will be better. i’ve heard that the trip is challenging but the destination makes it worth it. i’m told that once i’m there, i won’t struggle every day. i’ll be calmer, more centered, more grounded, more me. i’ve heard … Continue reading i’m on a road