hotel rooms are dangerous places

november 12, 2017 my history with hotel rooms is complicated. sure, they’re great when i’m on vacation, but i have other hotel stories as well. i don’t really like to revisit my history but i’m slowly learning that if i don’t own my past, and forgive myself for it, and let it go, i’ll get … Continue reading hotel rooms are dangerous places

daydreaming (nov 9, 2017)

daydreams are important. they can do more than simply help us momentarily escape from the demands of our life. they help us see and imagine our future. they help us define our goals. daydreams let us see the possibilities. sometimes. sometimes, however, daydreams are paralyzing. mine can be. oftentimes, they stop me from moving at … Continue reading daydreaming (nov 9, 2017)