you should just

november 29, 2017 you should just – i firmly believe that “should” is evil. “just” is an expectation that implies that the solutions are easy. put them together and you create a phrase i hate to hear and see. it’s a reasonable bet that anyone suffering from mental illness has heard that sentence opening at … Continue reading you should just

if i could paint anxiety

november 24, 2017 if i could paint my anxiety i’d build huge canvases splashed with dark, swirling colours that overwhelm, like violent, stormy waves, they crash over me, mocking my struggles as i fight for air, as i try to stay afloat. unrelenting, unceasing, pitiless, full of confusion and violence, they bury me alive and … Continue reading if i could paint anxiety

the thigh problem

november 21, 2017 thighs i’ve met very few women who like their legs in the general and their thighs in the specific. we all seem to want them to be different. thinner, more cut, less fat, less flesh, and of course, a thigh gap. i admire people who love their bodies and appreciate them for … Continue reading the thigh problem

letting it go

november 15, 2017 recovering from an eating disorder is hard work. it’s a daily slog, and can be tiring as hell. complaining about it remind me that i’m fortunate. i’m here to complain, and too many others i’ve known and cared for aren’t. those thoughts, however, do more than that. they set off another round … Continue reading letting it go

hotel rooms are dangerous places

november 12, 2017 my history with hotel rooms is complicated. sure, they’re great when i’m on vacation, but i have other hotel stories as well. i don’t really like to revisit my history but i’m slowly learning that if i don’t own my past, and forgive myself for it, and let it go, i’ll get … Continue reading hotel rooms are dangerous places

daydreaming (nov 9, 2017)

daydreams are important. they can do more than simply help us momentarily escape from the demands of our life. they help us see and imagine our future. they help us define our goals. daydreams let us see the possibilities. sometimes. sometimes, however, daydreams are paralyzing. mine can be. oftentimes, they stop me from moving at … Continue reading daydreaming (nov 9, 2017)